Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back to the snow

Wow was Jamaica ever fantastic and so very warm. We have been back for almost a week now and I'm still not used to the cold again.

We stayed at the Sandals Ocho Rios on the Manor side. Here is what the resort looks like from beside the pool.

This is Aaron and I at dinner one night. We ate at a restaurant that they set up on the beach.

The food was so good and they had so many different kinds of food at the different restaurants that we never ate in the same place twice for dinner.
We went snorkeling and shopping, climbed Dunn's River and went on a jeep tour of the country side in St Ann. It was so interesting. Beautiful in some ways and sad in others. When you live the way we do in Canada and then go to a resort where they look after you every way they can and turn a corner and see how some of the people live there.
But they will tell you there are no problems in Jamaica only "situations" (like no bartender at the bar- which was open at 10am)

It was such a great time. I enjoyed it very much. Aaron told me he was surprised he didn't see me knitting. I did take a sock but only knit it on the plane. I haven't knit much since before the wedding but since Wednesday night at Pick up Sticks I have been keeping myself in stitches. I have some pictures but when I was uploading the Jamaica pictures the computer froze and now it won't read from the camera. Any suggestions what to do about that little "situation"

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