Thursday, January 10, 2008

I just needed someone to knit it for

I have wanted to knit the Tulip sweater for a long time but didn't have a reason. So when my fiance came home from work and said that his friend had a had a baby girl I immediately thought of it. He suggested a baby blanket like I knit for my cousin and for his sister but I said....."I will see what I can do" well this little sweater is it.
The countdown is on for the wedding and I'm getting a little flustered. I Think I just want to do it now. I was excited to do the planning thing at first but now I'm just ....ready to do it! I feel like time is flying by and I don't have time to do anything that needs to be done in my life as it is. All my bridesmaids are getting together this weekend for a dress fitting and for a girls night.
Here is my baby trying to get the yogurt off of his nose. He loves his yogurt.


Creativehands said...

It'll be hard to stop after just one!
And now I'm onto the adult version...yummy!
Slow down and enjoy this time; it won't come around again.

Cubby said...

What a handsome boxer boy!