Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am excited for a new year and for new beginnings. New attitudes and a new look for the blog. I thought the other was getting a little dark for me so... we will give this a shot.
I am far from the best when it comes to keeping resolutions but I have a few things I hope to do differently this year. Some are knitting and crafting related and some are work and home related. Some could apply to both.

Lets think of this list as some promises or plans for the new year. I think these four sort of cover all the things I hope to do for myself.

1) Finish things you start
2) Clean up the small messes before they become big ugly messes
3)ORGANIZE YOURSELF! - plans for yourself, your house, crafting supplies,work, etc.
4) Don't procrastinate!
So to start off the new year I have one finished project right out of the gate.

I have to get a picture of it now that it is all done but this is Lucy in the sky on December 29th. Today I have the buttons to sew on and the blocking to do. It is a little small for me so I hope it fits Pam. She is a bit smaller than me so I could be ok.

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