Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre-Wedding busy!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I have not been knitting all that much though. I have been busy every night and every weekend with things for the wedding and now things are getting busier with two weeks left...yes that is right 13 days until we get married.

I'm very excited but already very tired. This week I have to work on and hopefully finish my report cards so that will be one more things knocked off my list but I also have my facial this week I have to make an appointment for a trial for my hair and another fitting for my dress to see that all the alterations are done ( Did I mention I love my dress??)

I do have one finished object to show. It has been finished for over a week but here it is!

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Monika said...

I hope you'll post some pictures of your dress (and you in it)! :o) I love to see brides. The little sweater is very cute.
Biko is doing O.K. now. They sent us home without pain killers, which thanks to the internet I realized, since the pills they gave us, where to prefent infection and her stomach. My son had to drive down there today to get some pain killers, with the freezing rain and all. But now that she had the right pills, she stopped crying and even played with her new chew toys.