Thursday, April 13, 2006


Not much knitting lots of looking for a new job. Come June I am unemployed. Yucky!

I wanted to update my WIP list
1. Pink Grad Tee
2. Red Gauntlets (1st one done)
3. Slippers for Aaron
4. Rowan Rupunzel Cardi9. Blue and Red Socks
5.Breast Cancer Socks (1st one done)
6. Other baby sweater for mom (shhh this one wasn't on the list before)

I frogged the fleece artist shawl and the Tropical socks...I just didn't like the way they were turning out and just knitting to get them done was not going to make me any happier with them so ....remix!

After this weekend I'm sure I will have some pictures to share.

SHOUT OUT! Hi Meghan!!! hehehehe

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Connie said...

Hey Sarah
I found your blog - can't wait for our field trip - I will let you know by tomorrow.