Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah Wednesday,

One of my favourite days of the week other than the weekend. I am off to Unwind Yarn House tonight to chill with the Stitch and Bitchers.

I was looking at the last post and am a little disappointed with the layout. I tried and tried to get the pictures lined up under each other but somehow they always jumped up a little bit . So that unorganized mess was the best I could get. Maybe just a bad day.

What better way to end a bad day then by going and knitting. I can't decide if I will work on Rupunzel or my new socks....shhhhh don't tell the bf.

The light was bad for this pic but this is my first ever Koigu Sock.

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Connie said...

Here's my comment so you can check my blog!
See you Saturday!