Monday, August 03, 2009


I haven't been posting but I have been being very crafty. I don't have many great exciting knitting pictures because for all the knitting I have been doing trying to finish my UFOs I haven't had a lot of focus. I have been working a little bit here and there and not making any real progress on any one thing.

I have also been trying a few new hobbies. The thing with having the summers off is that you find new ways to fill your time and spend your money.

First was the sewing. I pulled out grandma's sewing machine again and did some experimenting. I ended up watching this video online. and changed a few things about it, added and iron-on and voila! A skirt!

The other crafty thing I have been up to is a little drawing and painting. It started with me starting to design a new tattoo for myself. Then I started to do a little painting.

The one on the right is the one I did first. I learned a bit doing that one and then did the one on the left a little later. I like the one on the left better but my hubby likes the one on the right.

I haven't completely stuck by my promise to myself not to start anything new. But I have a good reason. There are two babies coming that need little sweaters and then there is this one.

I even love the stockinette stitch of the back. Spud and Chloe is so nice to work with. Psst I know where you can get some ;)

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