Saturday, August 15, 2009

Addictive knitting

I have been knitting and I have proof.

Even more of an accomplishment because I had to rip out half of the first side and do the whole thing over again. Silly me did two very silly mistakes. Mistake number one was that I cast on the number of stitches for the wrong size. I did not notice mistake number one until after I noticed mistake #2.

I looked at my work and counted my stitches. I was almost done the decreases. The excitement builds. We have almost finished the majority of the stockinette stitch and am that much closer to the fun stuff.

But wait....I think I have too few stitches too fast. Count....count again.....look at pattern. Ooooh crap. I had been decreasing for the front panel the same way I did the back ( on each side ) but because it is only one side I should have only been decreasing at the side of course. Silly knitter.

So now the brain starts to work out how to fix this rather large mistake with the least amount of work to do/work lost. My hubby suggests "just rip the whole thing out and start again". I glare at him.

My brain decided to drop a few stitches down the side where I should not have been decreasing and pick that section back up without the decreases. Of course because this little section ( inches and inches of a section) had been gradually decreasing in stitches the work is gradually getting tighter and tighter. But I persevere. I'm not sure I'm happy but maybe when I'm finished I can work at the stitches to even them out.

All picked back up again ready to go I do another count. Hmmmm....count again....look at the pattern again.... There it is MISTAKE #1 you cast on the wrong number of stitches for your size you twit. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

So hubby did not say "I told you so" but.... I did have to rip the whole thing out after all.

Today I am happily working again and just roaring along. This is my problem now. I can't stop. I'm on the pattern section of the sweater and I had to make myself put it down at 10pm....11pm....midnight.

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