Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing catchup ---again

Well I have had no routine for a while now. I haven't been doing a lot of the things that I would normally do. I don't really have a reason I just haven't felt like it to be honest.
I haven't been knitting, I have only been doing the minimum at the gym, I have been working crazy hours at work (to stay in town to go to the gym only to half a$$ it when I get there). Yes I guess you can say that I'm getting lazy.
So not much knitting to show but I have finished the next pattern for the Pick Up Sticks sock club and am feeling newly motivated.
Perhaps I should make a nice hot coffee and get some more done. I could use this
My new Cappuccino machine. It was a present from my hubby. He ordered for me with the points that he gets at work around Thanksgiving. Then it seemed like it was taking forever to get here. But he swore up and down that he had no idea where it was and why it wasn't here yet. I was partly convinced that he had it hidden away for Christmas.
Well Christmas came and went and no cappuccino machine so I had to take his word for it. It came in January. I have been enjoying it very much as well as the cute mugs that my sister in law gave me for Christmas (they are perfect in our kitchen and our dishes)
Next time I post I hope it will not be so long in between and that there will be a little more knitting content. I missed reading blogs as well as writing my own. I feel like I haven't even been online much. I'm going to go and put some laundry away now and catch up on listening to a few podcasts.

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