Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In my own world

I don't know what has been up with me but I have really sorta turned myself off after the holidays. I have been knitting but I obviously haven't been blogging but I also have not been reading blogs. I have hardly been online at all actually. I was feeling the itch this week I think because I was starting to feel like I was really out of the loop being lost in my own little world.

I'm going to step back into December and show a little bit of my Christmas knitting. Yes the knitting I said I wasn't going to do.

I gave in and made a bunch of those cute little snowmen from Knit Picks. To the point that my hubby said "How many of those are you making?"

This project made me a little crazy as the Christmas Eve hours were passing by (I finished after 1 am on Christmas day). These are slipper socks that I made from some natural wool that I bought at a farmers market once. This market was in the town where my grandparents lived so there was a lot of memories associated with the town, the house there and the weekend trips to the farmers market. Because of the memories I wanted the yarn to be used for something deserving. So the idea of the slippers hit me. I made a pair for both of my cousins, and I plan to do a pair for myself, so that the 3 girls will have them.

My wonderful (and secretly crafty) hubby helped me to make the slipper soles. He took me to the hardware store where we found some roof flashing (? - I think that is what he said it was, it's rubbery anyway), he traced my feet (my cousins and I all inherited those size 10s), he cut them out for me and punched holes for I could sew them on easily. Amazing I know.

He was also a big help around the house while I was trying to scramble and finish those boots. I had one other project that I wanted to do and he helped with that too. I was making little doggy foot wipes out of face cloths. I cut them out and he sewed them together. I told you he has a crafty side. He told me he used to sew hair scrunchies too.

Of course by baby Oscar loved the holiday vacation as well.
After such a long winters nap from the computer I have so much I want to look at. Surfs up!


Connie said...

I love those little snowmen - and I am super, super impressed with Aaron - who would have thought he could sew?

Clare said...

Love those little snowmen. Great job