Saturday, October 18, 2008

Progress but not

Well because I haven't been posting does not mean that I have not been knitting. I have been working so hard on the sock for Pick up Sticks sock club but I don't usually post progress pictures of those projects. But don't take that as a lack of knitting. Here is one with my Oscar Bear.

He is such a spoiled doggy! Today I felt like baking and I was given a recipe a while ago for doggy biscuits so I made him some. My hubby felt second to the dog because I made the people cookies after.

We were at my parents house for a while today. Both of my Grandmothers have had some health problems the last few days. My Dad's mom has had a few dizzy spells the last year or so and this Thursday she ended up at the hospital where they told us that she has had a minor stroke. They also think these dizzy spells have been other little strokes and could be leading up to something. So they have started her on some medication and we keep our fingers crossed that they do the trick. My mom's mom is in the hospital now and had a blood transfusion yesterday. Her hemoglobin is down and they think she may have some internal bleeding. They don't really know what is going on but she is very disoriented and short of breath.

Hubby is next door watching hockey and I'm not sure what I should knit. I need something easy and comforting. So many choices, so many unfinished projects, so little time until Christmas.....hmmmm.

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