Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to work on?

Well I have a few things on the go right now (not counting the bin of unfinished things) and am enjoying both.

This is the first project that I have started for baby on the way. A log cabin blanket out of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.

It is always nice to have a fast moving simple project on the go. It is exciting to work on things for the baby. I have been organizing things in the nursery and getting other things in the house ready. I figure I need to do it now because if I get a lot bigger in the next few months I won't want to or be able to.

The other project is the Gnome Mittens by Spilly Jane . These are so much fun and they remind me why I carried the different yarn colours up when working on the Four Seasons hats.

I didn't start out that way on the mittens and was feeling overwhelmed by the many strands hanging down inside my mitten. Then I got part way through the second Gnomes and realised I had left out a row of the beard. So I ripped back and had all the separate strings of yarn to pull out. I have restarted and finished one repeat of the pattern using up all the strings and weaving in those nasty ends as I worked then when I had to add yarn I left it attached when I was finished with it. It is annoying to carry the strand up but I find it more annoying to have all the extra ends.

I have a picture of the finished Autumn Hat but it is on my phone and I can't find the cord to download the pictures. I will post a pic when I can.

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