Monday, May 12, 2008

My Birthday came early

*Anyone in my wedding party should not read this post*
This weekend was very busy but it was fun too. Saturday was the yarn crawl that started at Pick up Sticks. Oscar and I went to say hello to Connie but we were not going shopping so we just visited. It was really nice to see Meghan too.

Then we went to Doggy School for the afternoon and worked and played hard. Followed by dinner at my parents house for Mother's Day with my Mom and my Grandma. My mom gave me this cute little sheep figure.

Sunday we were up early to go to Aaron's mom's house so he could go golfing and still spend time with his mom. His sister and her family were over too so Oscar got to play with Miss Magoo.

It was really cute and he put up with a lot from her. She was asleep when she came over and he would go and lick her and then walk away...five minutes later he would go back and check her again and kept that up until she was awake. Then he followed her around and let her pull his ears and crawl on her and put her hands in his mouth.

It was so sweet to watch.

Then Meghann my new sister in law (Magoo's mom) gave me my birthday present early.
They are boxer stitch markers from WeeOnes. Meghann sent a picture of my Oscar Bear and had Oscar Stitch markers made. HOW SWEET IS THAT? Each one is in a different position and they have his markings. It is just amazing. I'm definitely going to check out what else is over there and you should too.

And today I am back on the job hunt and house cleaning and laundry and work and on top of it all I made these little photo albums for my wedding party as a thank you gift. Hence this little note up top.

I also realised that something very important that I wanted to have done tonight for school tomorrow I left at work so I will have to get up early tomorrow to go to school super early so I can do it in the morning. CRAP!

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